Rapid Refresh Privacy Curtains
ICP Medical's Personal Protection Equipment enhances the safety of healthcare workers, staff and visitors.

New in 2020 Reusable Curtains

Rapid Refresh Reusable curtains use the same quick-change system the disposable curtains, giving hospitals flexibility to meet the design needs of every unit.

Rapid Refresh Privacy Curtain System

Speed is critical when it comes to infection prevention and control. The Rapid Refresh Curtain System was designed to help reduce the amount of time to change a curtain and improve safety and ergonomic conditions for workers.

Rapid Refresh Quick Change System provides a uniformed look throughout the hospital. The quick release system is available in a variety of lengths to accommodate different ceiling heights. The curtain is always 9’ w x 5’6” l.

How it works.

Quickly change a curtain by inserting the key provided with each curtain into the quick-change mechanism. A quick turn of the key releases the curtain.

Snap in a new curtain

Choose one of the 3 ways to track curtain changes

Snap the curtains together to create a continuous curtain

  • Available in Disposable and Reusable Fabrics
  • Can be changed in seconds without a ladder
  • Proven to be ergonomically better for healthcare employees
  • Reduction in curtain SKUs to one
  • Completely compatible with current tracks
  • 3 ways to ensure compliance tracking
    • Written install date on disposable curtains
    • Time Strip indicator from 1 to 6 months on disposable curtains
    • RFID (reusable) and Barcode on curtain label facilitates curtain change reports

Curtain Change Management System (CCMS)

The Curtain Change Management System provides efficient compliance tracking and reporting.
  • Easy-to-use step-by-step process on Technician mobile device
  • Real-time Reports
  • Easy-to-read dashboard for managers to quickly review work-flow
  • Available on Apple and Android

NFPA 701 test results available upon request.
Ask about our full range of services for new and replacement curtain track.

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Watch the Privacy Curtain System Video
Watch the Privacy Curtain Rod Installation Video

Speed. Convenience. Infection Prevention.

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Privacy Curtain Colors and Patterns

Privacy curtains are available in various standard colors and patterns (no minimum quantity required). Custom color/design options are available (minimum quantity order requirements).

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